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Grand Valley State University Library by Steelcase Education

Posture Support in a Changing Workplace Cover

Armrest Support in a Changing Workplace White Paper Cover






Is Your Workplace Ready for the Interconnected World?

A User-Centered Approach for Positive Energy

Leveraging Complexity

All ages are off to college

pushing the edges: the d.school

Making Noise in the Library

Libraries without books?!

Who are today’s students?

Learning Spaces All Over Campus

Lessons Learned

School Pride


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Steelcase 360

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Check out the latest information on workplace research, insights and trends that will help you understand how people really work and how creating great space can make a difference.



Understanding local culture is vital to using space as a key strategic tool for global organizations. “All politics is local,” as the saying goes. So too with business: if you’re going to operate outside your backyard, there’s no substitute... more

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