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Issue 63

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Check out the latest information on workplace research, insights and trends that will help you understand how people really work and how creating great space can make a difference.

The Next Office

The Next Office: Why CEOs Are Paying Attention

Executives everywhere are being asked to deliver higher performance from every company asset. Yet they often overlook an asset that’s both highly leverageable and pivotal to the organization’s success: the office. Like all executives around the world, Steelcase president... more

Outdoor Terrace, WorkCafé, Steelcase Global Headquarters


Trends 360

Jim Keane

It's All In A Day's Work

Steelcase's Global Business Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lessons Learned

Small Business

Lynda Gratton

Tony D'Orazio

Design APPS

A New Learning Curve

Lessons Learned

The Next Office

The Next Office

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The Privacy Crisis

In organizations all over the world, people are facing brand-new problems that require sharing information and putting knowledge together in new ways. For all the right reasons, collaboration has become... more


The Quiet Ones

Extroverts are celebrated in our culture as movers and shakers. They are perceived as strong leaders who are actively engaged, gregarious and assertive. Introverts, on the other hand, have strengths... more

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